About Fittleton

About Fittleton


Fittleton is a village and civil parish in the English county of Wiltshire. The parish also contains the adjacent settlement of Haxton.


Fittleton and Haxton are situated on the east bank of the River Avon and just across the river from the village of Netheravon.


Position: grid reference SU146497


Parish History


Nearby towns and cities: Amesbury, Devizes, Salisbury, Swindon, Southampton


Nearby villages: Netheravon, Coombe, Everleigh.


Population 331 in 1831, 274 in 1951 and 234 in 2002


Fittleton is a typical chalkland ‘strip’ parish, extending some 7km eastward from the River Avon up on to the wild downland, which since its acquisition by the War Office in 1898 has been devoted to military training and aviation. The parish is divided lengthwise into two tithings, Fittleton and Haxton, and their settlements have coalesced in the valley. Neither is well known or much frequented, because the main road (the A345) runs up the western side of the valley, affording only a glimpse of Fittleton’s steepled church beyond the meadows and fish lakes. Until 1840, when the present road was turnpiked.....


This parish history by John Chandler is taken from his books ‘Marlborough and Eastern Wiltshire’ (Hobnob Press, 2001, £20.00, ISBN 0 946418 07 1) and ‘Devizes and Central Wiltshire’ (Hobnob Press, 2003, £20.00, ISBN 0 946418 16 0). The books are the first two of a projected series of seven, under the series title 'Wiltshire: a History of its Landscape and People', which together will offer short histories of every parish in Wiltshire.


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