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  1. Doug Jones wins a Senate seat for Alabama after a bitter campaign against Trump-backed Roy Moore.
  2. Roy Moore's skittish escape happened after he appeared at an Alabama polling site to cast his vote.
  3. Rebel MPs line up behind an amendment to guarantee Parliament a vote on the final Brexit deal.
  4. Fergal Keane reveals the crisis in DR Congo's Kasai region, where millions face starvation.
  5. The reliably frozen Arctic is history, say scientists who warn of an unprecedented rate of warming.
  6. Bank staff now alert police when a potential scam victim attempts to withdraw large sums of cash.
  7. A sale of Rupert Murdoch's entertainment assets could be confirmed as soon as Thursday, reports say.
  8. But hours later the White House says Trump's views "had not changed" and N Korea must first disarm.
  9. Six months on from the fire that claimed 71 lives, we look at safety in similar buildings.
  10. About 30 volunteers from Network Rail will work alongside the charity St Mungo's and Streets Kitchen.
  11. A PE teacher, who plays for Spurs, is shortlisted in a competition to find the world's best teacher.
  12. Ceredigion Apprentice winner Alana Spencer is recalling products over health risks.


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