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  1. The driver, a 25-year-old man from Northern Ireland, is arrested on suspicion of murder.
  2. The meeting comes after MPs rejected the government's timetable for Brexit legislation on Tuesday.
  3. The news comes just hours after investigators in Indonesia blamed design problems for a fatal crash.
  4. The movement is the first stage in a Turkey-Russia deal to remove Kurdish forces.
  5. Despite being attacked the Met Police officer finished her shift, the force says.
  6. A BBC radio interview revealed the author had misunderstood British legal terms about homosexuality.
  7. Support for families of British people murdered abroad can be "patchy and inadequate", a report says.
  8. Torrential rain in Spain, Italy and France leaves several people dead or missing.
  9. Survivors of a deadly air strike on a migrant detention centre in July tell the BBC they feel abandoned by the United Nations, and are desperate to escape Libya.
  10. Murderer Shane O'Brien, who dodged police for more than three years, is given a life sentence.
  11. Viewers complained after the TV host accused the home secretary of laughing during a Brexit debate.
  12. North Korea's leader described a once flagship inter-Korean complex as "shabby" and "a hotchpotch".


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