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  1. Grace Millane's family watches on as the 26-year-old suspect appears in a New Zealand courtroom.
  2. Jacinda Ardern held back tears as she commented on the murder of British tourist Grace Millane.
  3. Downing Street insists Tuesday's Commons vote will not be postponed, contrary to newspaper reports.
  4. "My grandkids will be jumping around the living room now," the football manager says after winning.
  5. Watch as Paul Jacobs, who was blinded in Afghanistan, takes on a sighted man in his first bout.
  6. The French president will discuss the recent unrest with trade unions and employers' organisations.
  7. The foreign minister turns down a request made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a week ago.
  8. The Black Friday effect is driving more shopping online for a longer period, retail researchers say.
  9. The former Nissan chairman is accused of misreporting his salary and misusing company assets.
  10. Legal aid advice 'deserts' emerge in England and Wales as funding cuts hit providers.
  11. Jodie Whittaker will star in a festive special on New Year's Day, with series 12 coming the next year.
  12. Roger, who stood at more than 2m tall, won viral fame over the years for his muscular physique.


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