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  1. Two exit polls suggest a landslide in favour of liberalising the law, as counting is due to begin.
  2. The former film mogul was charged with rape and sexual abuse after turning himself in to New York police.
  3. No Afghan civilians who worked for the Army have been resettled in the UK so far, MPs say.
  4. Five weeks into the IT crisis, the bank says experts from IBM will remain "for as long as it takes".
  5. Business groups write to the prime minister urging the government not to waver on Heathrow expansion.
  6. Fatma Samoura, Fifa's first female secretary general, says she has broken the glass ceiling, by joining the male-dominated organisation.
  7. The design reflects the Duchess of Sussex's Californian background, Kensington Palace says.
  8. Like Minds: Is your mental health diagnosis a label or a lifeline?
  9. A 95-year-old man is arrested after a female carer died of head injuries, the Met said.
  10. Myriad Travel says the plane through a charter partner does not "have the correct licence to fly".
  11. The UK entrepreneur puts himself through a gruelling training programme so he can rocket to space.
  12. Researchers are calling for more protection for children online, particularly on social media channels.


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